Wednesday, August 21, 2013

HowJSay Browser Plugins IE9, Chrome, Firefox

This plugin will add a context menu for IE9, Chrome and Firefox menus. When you select a text and right-click a text, you want to know not only how that word is spelled, but how it is pronounced. I elected as the perfect venue for launching a new browser window for learning how to pronounce things proper. As I have always said, proper pronunciation is next to godliness.

Instructions: Simply highlight the word you want to have pronounced for you. Right-click on selected text to bring up the context menu. Simply click on 'Pronounce with Howjsay' (Under 'All Accelerators' in IE8) and a new window or tab will be opened to the appropriate page for that word on Make sure your volume is not muted or too low. If you missed the pronounciation, you can mouse-over the word on howjsay to have it pronounced again.

Simply find your browser below:

Google chrome users
Instructions: If you can download the .crx, Google should automatically prompt you to install the plugin. If it does not, you download the .zip file and once downloaded, extract into a folder. Go into Google chrome's settings (the wrench icon), then click on 'extensions' in the left pane. In the right pane at the top, make sure the 'Developer mode' box is checked. Click on the 'Load unpacked extension...' button and select the folder that you extracted the .zip into. Click okay and Google will install the extension.

Installation links: Click here for a .crx file. Click here if you want to download as a .zip file.

Internet explorer users

Instructions: If you are using IE to browse this page, you should see a button below. Click on it to install the accelerator.

Firefox users

Instructions: It is easiest to install the FireFox extension through the secure add-on page hosted by

Installation link: Click here for our secure add-on page hosted by